Regional Irrigation Office 2 shall have the duties as follows


 1. Implementation of water management for agriculture, domestic consumption, industry, water transportation, energy, and ecosystem conservation

 2. Control and construction of small and medium scale irrigation projects, royal projects and other projects as assigned by the Department

 3. Planning, control, and evaluation of water management

 4. Operation, maintenance and rehabilitation of irrigation structures; dam safety and appurtenant structures

 5. Encouragement of farmer participation in water resources management; strengthening of water user organization

 6. Prevention of damage caused by water

 7. Studies and preparation of preliminary report; survey and design for irrigation project and other projects in the river basin area as assigned by the Department

 8. Controls and supervision of state property land use as responsibility of the Department, irrigation waterway, and asset management of the Department

 9. Integration of plans and strategies in cooperation with provincial agencies and other related government agencies


10. Consulting in operation and maintenance of irrigation structures and transferred tasks

11. Cooperation with or supporting the operation of other offices and divisions as assigned by the Department